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Women constitute more than 30% of India’s workforce. Working women have made their presence felt across sectors and professions. Working women are leaders, thinkers, doers and trendsetters. Yet, when you look around, you hardly see any segment of the media addressing the needs of a working woman exclusively.

Given the strong stereotypes that relate women to glamour, fashion, kitchen and family, it is an uphill task to create and retain her identity that views her as an individual who has an interest in building a successful career, developing her skills & knowledge and also indulge in her passion that could be gadgets, books, travel, cars, art or humor.

Woman At Work is a first-of-its-kind professional magazine and digital platform for talented women at work in India, launched in 2015. It aims to provide insights and avenues for women professionals – in corporate and non-corporate sectors, entrepreneurs, consultants, sportswomen, artists, freelancers- to continue or return to the productive workforce and excel in their field.

The Magazine aspires to go beyond the conventional domains of home and family management and showcase multiple facets of a normal career woman. Within a year of its launch, the magazine has a reaches more than 300,000 readers across India. In 2016, we are adding an array of services and features that will enable women with professional aspirations to be a part of productive workforce.

Woman At Work is the ‘go-to’ digital platform for women who want to make their talent count!





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An initiative to inspire girls to explore STEM fields to build the future they will inherit.

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